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I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and have been taking medication to improve my symptoms. I worked for a prominent News network for several years before moving on to follow other passions.

What Does Anxiety Do To Your Body?

What does anxiety do to your body is a question I’m often asked. It was also one of the many questions I had for...

What Is The Difference Between Depression And Sadness?

What is the difference between depression and sadness? Are they the same or are they completely different altogether? Just a reminder that I am not...

5 Ways To Help Manage A Panic Attack

In this post, I’m going to share 5 ways to help manage a panic attack and some of the symptoms they can cause. The following...

How To Make Anxious Thoughts Less Scary

Anxious thoughts can become less scary over time if you know how to ease them. Anxiety and thoughts are linked and bounce off one...

Hypochondria Is A Real And Scary Form Of Anxiety

PrEP triggered my health anxiety (also known as hypochondria) in a way I couldn’t have possibly imagined. I spent a lot of time thinking if...

How To Improve Anxiety Symptoms Over Time

To improve anxiety symptoms can take a little time until results are noticeable. It can be hard to patient, but it will pay off.

‘Categories’ Is A Great Way To Help Reduce Anxiety

'Categories' is a great way to help reduce anxiety. Though the mental exercise is not going to completely eradicate your anxiety, it will definitely...

What To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day

There are many things you can do when you’re having a bad day. I myself didn’t have the greatest day today. I felt rather anxious...

Will Some Days Be Better Than Others?

Some days will be better than others, that’s just a given when it comes to any form of mental illness. For me personally, I’ve...

Kindness Is Key To Living A Happier Life

Kindness is key to living a happier life, or in other words: you reap what you sow. Have you ever had an encounter with...
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