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What Is The Difference Between Depression And Sadness?

What is the difference between depression and sadness? Are they the same or are they completely different altogether? Just a reminder that I am not...

How To Overcome Social Anxiety: An Easy Guide

How to overcome social anxiety isn't an easy question to answer. Not because it cannot be done, but rather it is dependant on the individual. People...

Can I Help Prepare My Children to Manage Anxiety?

At the moment, mental health is at an all-time high in the UK. We are still living within a pandemicthat creates uncertainty and high...

How To Make Anxious Thoughts Less Scary

Anxious thoughts can become less scary over time if you know how to ease them. Anxiety and thoughts are linked and bounce off one...

Anxiety Can Be Overwhelming If You Ignore It

Anxiety can be overwhelming if you ignore it. You shouldn’t be afraid of anxiety, you should befriend and embrace it. It sounds counterproductive, but hear...

5 Ways To Help Manage A Panic Attack

In this post, I’m going to share 5 ways to help manage a panic attack and some of the symptoms they can cause. The following...
flu vaccination anxiety

I Was Terrified To Get Flu Vaccination Because Of Anxiety

Getting the flu vaccination with health anxiety was a challenge. However, it was another glorious day in my battle against anxiety. Any kind of medical treatment...

Lessen Anxiety Now With This Easy Trick

Hi, I’m Daniel from Health Anxiety. I am going to show you a technique to help lessen your anxious thoughts. You can continue reading this...

Are You Easily Overwhelmed By Anxiety? Calm Down Now

If you are easily overwhelmed by anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety affects a multitude of people and can vary in severity. I suffer from health...

Manage A Panic Attack Now In These Easy Steps

How do you best manage a panic attack? Panic attacks can be scary when they happen, but there are things you can do to manage...
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