Home Journal Journal: April 3rd, 2021

Journal: April 3rd, 2021


Today has been a good day so far.

I need to stop thinking like that. Today has been good. Period.

My medication is what is primarily holding me back from thinking I don’t feel well. I’m a little tired, but I guess that is normal with the medication that I am currently prescribed to.

The day hasn’t really consisted of much. Primarily, I have been working on my Blog and making sure everything is nice and neat.

While trying to fix a few things (adding social links to the menu), I ended up breaking some other things. It really isn’t all that interesting, but I ended up fixing the issues.

It wasn’t as hard to start up a Blog as I thought it was going to be, though there are a lot of things that I needed to do to get the site looking as best as I want it to look.

I just need to keep working at it, and writing as much helpful content as I can. Things that I would have loved to have found when I felt like I was losing control.

It is a work in progress, and I hope it continues to grow as much as I do.

Right now I feel tired. I don’t know if that is because I didn’t sleep too well, or if it is a side effect from the medication. It is very likely that it is a combination of both.

On the positive side, I haven’t felt like I was being pushed into panic mode. Last month if I felt even slightly off, I would of just panicked immediately and spiralled out of control.

I’m proud of the fact that each day I seem to be getting better and better.

It’s been a slow progression, but I am confident I am only going to get better and better as long as I keep following my Psychiatrists directions.

Having a long weekend over the Easter break will be good for me.

I can just relax, work on my Blog when I can and just try and take it easy.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing distress you can reach out to Beyond Blue: Beyond Blue’s support line is available 24/7.

Lifeline: For crisis support, Lifeline provides a 24/7 line, as well as online resources on a range of issues.

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I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and have been taking medication to improve my symptoms. I worked for a prominent News network for several years before moving on to follow other passions.


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