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Medication Anxiety And How To Overcome It


Medication anxiety is a fear of reacting badly or experiencing negative side effects with prescribed drugs.

For me, the last few days haven’t been the best in regards to my mental health.

There were moments where I thought I was going into full blown relapse because of my medication anxiety and it was for the most embarrassing of reasons.

My medication sometimes makes it difficult to go to the bathroom, and my Doctor recommended I take something to help.

I honestly thought I was getting past my fear of medications, but the laxative made me incredibly anxious.

As much as I tried not to read the brochure, I couldn’t help myself and ended up reading everything.

You read that right – an over the counter laxative made me feel anxious.

It wasn’t so much the medication that made me anxious, it was the possible side effects that could of occured.

It’s so hard to explain to someone the emotions I feel when I get anxious. There is no logic to it. I know that deep down I’m being irrational, but I cannot stop the thought process as hard as I may try.

On the plus side, the medication I take for my anxiety and depression has made it easier to interrupt the chaotic thought process and I’m able to take a pause.

Being able to take that much needed pause gives you the opportunity to give yourself some breathing space.

The thing with anxiety is that it isn’t rational and thoughts can be scary.

When we are able to interrupt that thought process, we can unleash the power of healing.


The best advice that I can give you is to not overanalyze the brochure that comes with your medication.

While it is important to be diligent and know the risks of the medications you are taking, your Doctor will tell you the possible side effects you are likely to experience.

Just because a side effect is listed, doesn’t mean you will get that side effect.

It is very likely you will experience minimum side effects, such as nausea and headaches or you may not experience any side effects.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the medication you are taking, it is important you let your Doctor know. They will be able to help find the root cause of the anxiety you are experiencing.

For example they may reduce the dose, or try another medication all together.

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Lifeline: For crisis support, Lifeline provides a 24/7 line. They have a range of online resources as well.



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