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My Anxiety Journal: 16th April 2021


Yesterday was another good day.

It honestly feels like things are finally starting to turn around.

I’ve been keeping in close contact with my Psychiatrist. It has made me feel incredibly safe knowing that I can email him at any time. He usually responds rather quickly. A valuable lifeline when I feel like I need reassurance.

But that hasn’t happened in a while now.

Instead, my update was the most positive to date. I feel extremely well in myself writing this post.

For the past few months, I have felt like I have been fighting a losing battle. Each day seemed to be harder than the next.

The best way I can describe it – it’s like pushing a boulder up a very tall mountain. Eventually you get to the top, but the boulder tumbles down the other side, and you have to start again.

It’s when you start to realise that you can break the boulder into smaller pieces at the bottom of the mountain that you start to feel yourself gradually getting better.


You can climb to the top a little more easily and admire the view, instead of feeling tired and overworked from getting that boulder of worry up there.

If it wasn’t for seeking professional help, I think I would be stuck at the bottom of the mountain with my boulder.

But thanks to my Psychiatrist, and Doctors, I’ve got the tools to break the boulder down into smaller pieces.

I’m doing well, and it is a work in progress. That is what matters.

I had the pleasure of meeting someone yesterday in a chance encounter that really made me think.

After some chatter about my dog, I opened up about my current circumstance in moving back home due to my anxiety and depression.

I won’t go into detail about her story, as it is hers to tell. But needless to say, we were on the same page.

It just made me realise how much you can change someone’s day due to a chance encounter.

Be kind to your fellow humans.

You don’t know what they have been through.

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If you or anyone you know is experiencing distress you can reach out to Beyond Blue: Beyond Blue’s support line is available 24/7.

Lifeline: For crisis support, Lifeline provides a 24/7 line, as well as online resources on a range of issues.

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I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and have been taking medication to improve my symptoms. I worked for a prominent News network for several years before moving on to follow other passions.


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