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My Anxiety Journal: April 11th 2021


The past few days have been going extremely well for me.

It’s been a while since I even remembered I suffered from anxiety.

‘Suffer’, it’s such a strong word that suggests I let anxiety control me.

I like to go with ‘experience’.

Call it corny, but I prefer to at least have a sense of being in control.

Lately I haven’t been too bothered by the intrusive thoughts.

I used to get overwhelmed incredibly easily, but since I’ve been following my psychiatrists medical advice, I’ve been improving.

My family and I spent the day travelling north to our holiday home for a getaway.

Not so much a getaway as a check on the house.

I’ll be working from up here for the next week or so.


That’s a great thing about the pandemic and with how flexible my work has been with my current state. I’m able to work from anywhere.

I love my job. It’s an office admin job, but I really admire and respect the people I work with.

It’s a great bunch of people who know how to get the job done. We all get along and it’s good money. What’s not to like?

I’m hoping tomorrow is going to be another good day. I can’t see why it can’t be.

I just need to remain positive.

I’m taking my medication as prescribed by my psychiatrist and it seems to be doing wonders.

Medication used to scare me, and sometimes still does.

I’m supposed to be getting the Flu needle next week and I’m terrified. I hate needles, and I’m worried about the side effects.

I’m calmer enough now to know that more good will be done by getting the jab, than not getting it at all.

Today was the first time in an extremely long time that I felt somewhat normal. Whatever ‘normal’ is, at least I am somewhat close to it.

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.

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If you or anyone you know is experiencing distress you can reach out to Beyond Blue: Beyond Blue’s support line is available 24/7.

Lifeline: For crisis support, Lifeline provides a 24/7 line, as well as online resources on a range of issues.

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I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and have been taking medication to improve my symptoms. I worked for a prominent News network for several years before moving on to follow other passions.


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